My name is Syd Dunne and I enjoy writing fantasy, especially Celtic fantasy. Please enjoy my pages as they develop .

I have had a couple of short stories published in The Emporium Gazette.

One story is called Shadow's Moon and revolves around Stonehenge and creates a new view of the monoliths. I have woven some of the nuances of the Earth religion into this story.

Another story entitled Potatoes is an alternate history involving the potato blight.

I hope you enjoy my poem Who Will Scare Me Now? written for children. We've all had an angst about the closet at night!

If you'd like to print out the poem, as you see it on screen, make sure you've got your browser text set to a smaller font size, and be sure to set your browsser options to print backgrounds (normally that is disabled.) If you'd like a WordPerfect version, download load it here.

Some tidbits about me.

I was born in Ireland but was raised mostly in the United States or US military bases due to the fact that my father was military attache. My mother was Irish and passed away when I was fifteen. I believe it is she that guides my story-telling since she would relate tales of the little people to me at bedtime.

Most of my adult life has been spent on the fringe of Washington, DC where I wrote columns for a local newspaper, unfortunately, not the Washington Post.

Please visit me again since this page will be updated soon with short stories, including the one to be published (I must at least let them publish it before I display it!).

You can contact me.